Booger-Eating Child Outgrows Flavor, Disappoints Local Bullies

A twelve-year old from Salmon, Idaho, Miles Overberg had, until recently, a clearly defined identity at Riverside Middle School: he was the booger-eating kid. Reportedly, however, the gross little fuck has begun finding the taste of his nostril goblins less and less appealing.

“I’m just not into it anymore,” said the sixth grader. “Leave me alone.”

Disappointed colleagues lament the unexpected palate evolution of the infamous loogie-licker.


“What am I supposed to do now?” asked local bully Gregory Almond. “It was easy to wail on the kid huddled in the corner eating snot rockets. He’d better pick up another teasable habit, I swear.”

Another disillusioned tormentor cited the ethics of ridicule, suggesting “I can’t make fun of him for something he used to do! I’m not some sort of animal.”

Overberg may indeed oblige his frustrated rivals when it’s revealed he’s developed an insatiable appetite for the dingleberries from his own ass.


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