Hollywood’s Fiercest Rivalries — Episode 1: Gilbert Gottfried and The Dog From Frasier

Most fans know him as Eddie, the lovable Parson Russell Terrier from the television series Frasier. His real life name was Moose, and until his death in 2006, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fiercer rivalry than the one between him and comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

The long-running feud dates back to 1993, the year the hit TV show went on the air. According to Gottfried, he was assured the role of father Martin Crane’s adorable pet; however, the show’s producers informed the actor late in the process that he’d been dumped from the cast. Focus group research reportedly revealed that a grown man serving as a pet — however grotesque in appearance and voice — made no sense, an observation that completely stunned the program’s top brass. And Gottfried.

“Research favored a dog, they told me. A dog? What is it, 1950?”


That dog turned out to be Moose, the canine who stole the hearts of viewers the world over and was even featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

And, by all accounts, Moose did not gracefully handle his newfound popularity and fame, rubbing his fellow entertainer’s nose in his triumph. For instance, during his 1996 Emmy acceptance speech, he remarked, “Woof! Woof-woof! Bark!” which, even by the most favorable of translations, means, “Gottfried, you suck it now, jerk human.”

The antagonism festered.

In 1999, Gottfried allegedly engineered a blind-date between Moose’s son Enzo and what he believed to be an eligible young bitch. When Enzo arrived at the local fire hydrant, however, he was greeted by an elderly male cat named October and a carefully orchestrated selection of paparazzi photographers. It was a huge scandal, the likes of which the young dog would never overcome, blacklisted as a “weirdo” by the Hollywood community. Moose swore revenge.

But in 2006, Gottfried ran him over with his car.


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